Sunnytech LED Solar Power Flag Pole Flagpole Light Auto Active High Quality Brightness

Sunnytech LED Solar Power Flag Pole Flagpole Light Auto Active High Quality Brightness

Sunnytech LED Solar Power Flag Pole Flagpole Light Auto Active High Quality Brightness

What a great deal
I purchased this solar light to place on my new 20′ flag polefor only $49 and free shipping. I was so tired of finding these lights at $100+ on the web. When I received this product, it was immaculatly packaged and survived all the abuse that USPS could put on it. Arriving ready to install, it was quickly and easily installed. That night, I was very pleased at the amount of light this product produced. Very bright,well directed and NOT OBTRUSIVE to my neighbors. I’ve receieved many positive comments from neighbors and have referred them to Universalwolf Corp. Great job Universalwolf! Only problem was with the US postal service loosing my order for a few days. Gee, what a surprise.(NOT)
Decent LED Light for ANY pole!

I LIKE!!!!!!
This is really great light,it’s not so bright that anyone would complain about for it being to bright,it gives your flag or flags a nice glow to them so that they can be seen and admired by all who look at it and the flag/flags,I’m saying flag or flags because you can put either one flag on the pole or you can put 2 on it,the pole I got lets you put 2 flags on it,of course my first flag is my American flag,but my 2nd flag is my Marine Corps flag,since I am a Proud Former Marine!!!!!"Semper Fi". It was very EASY to install onto the pole,but I only gave it 4 stars,because instead of the 20 LED lights that are suppose to shine,I only have 19 that will shine,one of the lights must of had a short or something affecting it,but even with only 19 LED’s that shine,it glows on my flags very well,right now with the weather being Winter,and you don’t have a lot of sunlight,or very bright,I keep my lights charged with a charger I have for the batteries,but when the sun does shine,and they…
Product Features

  • Improved,brighter and lasts longer
  • Easy to install and no tools are required;top ball,flag and pole not included.
  • The rechargeable batteries are installed.
  • The light is self charging and safe to use.
  • Notice: please push power switch “ON” before using it!!

Product Descriptions
Description : Sunnytech Upgraded Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light 20LEDs Top Mount For Flagpole Auto Active High Quality Brightness

Package:sunnytech® special package.

This Solar Light is intended for in-ground flagpoles from 15′ to 25′ above ground height.
There is a ON/OFF button, please press it “ON” before you use it.


1.Batteries: 3×2000 mAH Ni-CD (included)
2.product diameter:22cm thickness:3.0cm
3.6pc Solar Panel:6V,300mA
4.Lights: LEDs rated to last for upwards of 100,000 hours.
5.Runtime: Up to 8 hours of illumination (On Full charge/Depending on the weather condition and the position of the sun)
6.Material: Flame retardant ABS Plastic

1X Solar light

The listing does’t include the flag pole, or the golden round ball in the top.

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