Poulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

Poulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

Poulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

I Love Modular Construction
The concept is elegant but simple. As manufacturers of lawn care machines (residential grade, that is) have been mostly consolidated, shaft sizes as well as mounting points and patterns are as standardized as they have ever been. With this little darling, you can buy one power head unit (string trimmer with detachable/2-piece shaft), and then add this or other implements as needed. The implement is cheaper than a purpose-built or standalone edger, and when the power head wears out, you can toss it and get another that mates right up to the edger.

Performance is tightly coupled with your power head, so choose that wisely based on weight, power and form factor. The edger’s guide wheel supports its extra weight, but this isn’t true of other attachments. If you like the power head you have, you’re likely to be pleased with it behind this edger as well. Mine works fine with an older 31CC Ryobi which I demoted after buying a commercial string trimmer. I wish it used the bigger…
Best choice out there
My search for an edger attachment began with the Troy-Bilt unit. I have a Troy-Bilt string trimmer, so I figure why not stay within the same brand? Well, there’s a clear reason not to – their edger attachment does not work well at all. Cumbersome to maneuver and hard to control to get a clean edge. Also cuts poorly. Bought it at Lowes, and it went back the same week.

So, the next stop was the Expand-It attachment. I saw it on Amazon for a very nice price, but was not sure that it would be a keeper. So I bought it at HD instead. Very glad I did, since it also was returned the same week. While it cut better than the Troy-Bilt, it was very cumbersome to use and difficult to adjust.

Fortunately, the third time was the charm. Tried the Poulan based on the positive reviews, and am happy to say everyone was right! This works very well, cuts great, easy to adjust, and I had no problems maneuvering it right from the get-go. Solid construction and clear instructions round…
Simply Amazing…
I waited until I had used this trimmer/edger for a complete season before reviewing it.

I can’t say enough about this product. This type of edger is a real time saver. Prior too buying this edger, I used a trimmer and turned it vertical. I live on a corner and it was a struggle to complete the edging in one go – my back would be killing me.

The Poulan Pro Trimmer with edger attachment does the job in easily one-fourth of the time it used to take. I can do most of the edging at walking speed. To this day I have had no problems with this product.

I highly recommend this product!!!
Product Features

  • Heavy duty gear box
  • Includes barrier handlebar
  • Fits most major brand trimmers with detachable shafts
  • Install attachment with a simple click
  • 2-year limited warranty

Product Descriptions
Description :

The Poulan pro edger attachment for trimmers has a rugged 7-inch hardened steel blade and a barrier handlebar to protect against accidents. It can be used with most attachment-capable gas trimmers, and has a heavy-duty magnesium gear box that holds up to heavy use. You adjust this edger attachment’s cutting depth up to 2 inches. Just click and go to install the attachment, which is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Editor’s Note: This product is an edger attachment and does not come with an upper shaft or motor.

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