Jasco 45609 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch

Jasco 45609 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch

Jasco 45609 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch

Works Great!
I have been using these for over a year now with no problems. A few notes on these…

As others have noted there is a blue LED that by default is on when the switch is off. Some find that annoying though it helps locate the switch in the dark. It’s programmable and you can flip it if you want to where the LED is off when the switch is off and on when the switch is on. That is helpful as an indicator when the switch is controlling something that you can’t see from the switch location (outside lights, etc.) But it is programmable but requires a master controller that can program zwave devices to be able to set this.

If the switch is installed upside down for whatever reason, the operation can similarly be reversed through programming a parameter.

As to lifetime that some have mentioned, there can be various reasons. Certainly there can be lemons that no matter what you do will fail and need to be replaced. But possibly/probably a bigger reason for early…
Works great, easy install
I purchased 5 of these 2 way on/off switches to remotely control the lights in my house. Replacing the existing switches with these Z-Wave ones were relatively straightforward. My old switches only used 2 wires (Line [Hot] and Load) while these switches use 4 wires (Line, Load, Neutral, and Ground). Like most electricians would suggest, I also recommend using the screw terminals instead of the push terminals. On one switch I was lazy and used the push terminals and the wire kept popping out (even if I tightened the screw which made no difference). Note that the Z-Wave switch is pretty bulky and will take up about 75-80% of the work box space so if you’re installing into a work box that has multiple switches, make sure there’s enough room (depth-wise).

Adding the switches to my Mi Casa Verde Vera 2 was painless and these switches are detected right away (Just press up and then down to sync). The blue LED is nice and not overpowering. You can easily find the switch in the…
Easy install
This a single switch. On/off simple. Does not rock it only clicks slightly for on or off. No cover plate included. It must be wired with 4 wires.
Load, line, neutral and ground.

A wall switch is usually just two wires since all it does is breaks the circuit. If your lucky the neutral (white) wire was brought in the same box as where your wall switch is at. Then there is the regular green ground wire.

The wire connections are simple. The unit comes with the pre-set screws open. Get your wires ready to push in.
With your screw driver push down on the screw first for each connection then push your wire into the hole.
This lets the inside pressure plate open up while you got the screw driver ready to tighten.
Now slowly tighten down. You should only twist about 5-7 times. The wire should be tight now. Don’t over tighten as this will crack the housing!

Once it’s wired up and powered up go back to your controller to add, then press…
Product Features

  • Wirelessly control on/off functions of overhead lighting
  • Provides Z-wave wireless and manual control
  • LED indicator allows easy location of switch in dark room
  • Requires in-wall installation with hard-wired connections
  • Easily connects using existing wires
  • Manufactured by Jasco

Product Descriptions
Description : Ge 45609 Z-Wave(R) On/Off SwitchBrand: Ge. JAS45609. Enables Wireless Control Of On/Off Functions Of Hard-Wired Incandescent Lighting, LED, Xenon, Halogen & Fluorescent LightingProduct Class: Home Theatre AccessUPC: 43180456090

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