First Alert CO400 Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 2-Pack

First Alert CO400 Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 2-Pack

First Alert CO400 Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 2-Pack

First Alert CO400 Battery Powered Carbon Monixide Alarm, 2-Pack
Purchased this on 9/5/2012 and both CO units (2 in the package) work well so far, no false alarms. Will see how well they work in a year. Be gentle putting the battery compartment cover (it feels flimsy) back in place, as the plastic latch can break easily. I broke the plastic latch and used the tape to hold it in place.
Incorrect item is being shipped!
The CO alarm pictured is the version with the battery door on the front. It requires 2 AA batteries and once it is mounted, you don’t have to remove the unit to replace the batteries. I consider that very convenient! However, when you order this item Amazon is also shipping the unit with the battery door on the back. It requires a 9 volt battery and must be removed from the wall to replace the battery! Both packages have the model number CO400 and Amazon has both styles stocked together. So, if you order expecting the one with the battery door on front, as pictured, you may receive the one with the battery door on the back! I ordered five of them and only one was the one pictured, battery door on front with 2 AA batteries! I hope Amazon sorts out the problem! They did try to get me the correct units and I really appreciate their efforts! But I feel First Alert is really at fault here, because the units are different, yet the model number is the same on both packages!
I guess they’re working.. we’re not dead, yet.
These are nice safety alarms for the home. We put one upstairs and one downstairs. I installed them close to the thermostats, so I’d remember to check them periodically. As far as I know, they are working fine!

I did have a home inspector-type-guy tell me that it was best to put them lower on the wall, at the level of people’s heads when they are sleeping. (i.e. 2 or 3 ft off the ground instead of 5 ft like I did).
Product Features

  • 2-Pack battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm with modern, compact design with no installation required
  • Uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor-the most accurate technology available
  • Simple to use silence/test button; low battery warning; end-of-life timer and loud 85-Decibel alarm
  • Battery access in back of unit, 9 Volt battery included
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Product Descriptions
Description : Remain vigilant over both ends of the house or protect multiple floors with the First Alert CO400CN2 Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm – 2 Pack. 1000 people are poisoned and 250 die every year from CO poisoning, but with this device’s electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor your household can breathe easy knowing that the odorless, tasteless gas fume is nowhere under your roof. The First Alert CO400CN2 Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm features a silence/test button, low battery warning, end-of-life timer, and a powerful 85-decibel siren with mute button. Includes 2 AA batteries and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Meets UL standards.   Additional Features Type: AA battery Alarm Type: Carbon monoxide Use: Residential   About First Alert First Alert has been among the first names in trusted home safety for over 50 years. An experienced and reliable manufacturer of smoke alarms, safes, security cameras, fencing, and more, First Alert has the means to keep your means protected no matter what. When you’re looking for home security items, you’re looking for something to help give you peace of mind – when you choose First Alert, that peace of mind is built into the brand. 2 Electrochemical carbon monoxide alarms. Test/silence button. 85-decibel horn. End-of-life timer. Low battery warning. Includes 2 AA batteries.

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